Hello! Come Meet Me, ” I’m Car Lot

Hello, My name is “Car Lot”, I’m pretty busy, i see all kind of people everyday, I have my friends that i see everyday, The Owner, The Sales Manager, The Finance Manager, The Administrator, The Sales People, The Marketing Person, The supervisor, the Detailer and the Mechanic.

I also have customers almost everyday, i see new customers day in and say out, all kind of people from all walks of life, each one got a story, i watch and learn, but they don’t know that I’m watching, imagine how much i learn about people everyday, imagine also how much i learn about the car business everyday, I know a whole lot.

Seeing all those people everyday made me love people so i decided to share everything i know, I decided to publish my Diary everyday, If you read my Pages you should learn a lot, so stick with me, i will put a new story everyday, my story should help you learn something,¬† maybe you are looking for a used car but don’t know what to do, maybe you think you know what to do but it is not correct, maybe you never done it before, and maybe thing have changed since last time you did it, all i know that you should find something in my diary that may help you.

I will till you how the finance manager do almost wonders sometime, i will also tell you how did that customer negotiated to get the best deal ever, also that other customer that made a big mistake maybe you learn from him. the best part i will talk a lot about used cars, i will tell you all i know about which car is best to buy used and which car you should stay away from, i know a lot about cars, I’ve seen thousands of them, most of them got common problems and i almost know it all you, but don’t worry i will share my knowledge with you.

Keep in mind; I’m always here because if I’m not there will be no one here.

Bottom line; stick with me, we will be friends, you will want to see me everyday. you will love me and i will love you, come and see me everyday.

Best Regards

“Car Lot”