What to Do When Buying a Used Car

Hello, Car Lot here, I have some tips on how to buy a used car and what to look for before you decide to buy a used car,  when you need to buy a used car you will have many questions and some doubts such as, 1-Is this car in good mechanical condition?, 2-Is low miles better, 3-Is high miles OK?  4-what is high miles any way?, 5-what is a good deal? what to do on a test drive? and maybe many more questions you may have?

Now; lets start by Is this car in good mechanical condition? here is an advice, If you don’t know about cars and can’t inspect the car yourself then you have to seek professional help, hire a mechanic or a specialist to inspect the car for you, never buy a car blindly, when you are buying a used car you are taking risk, so to protect your investment you will need to spend couple more hundred to make sure you are controlling the limits of this risk, also if the dealer is offering third party service contact I recommend buying at least 3 month warranty as an extra protection.

Is it Low Miles or High Mile? each region got adequate Average miles per year, for example if yo live in New York city you drive less miles per year than if you live in the suburb of Pennsylvania, so to determine if the car is high miles or not you need to find the average miles the car was driven per year, if this average number is lower than the average per year in the area you live in then the car is low miles and so forth.

Keep in mind that if the car is high miles that doesn’t always mean that it is not a good car, often cars with high miles are better deals and if this car had “highway miles” it is sometimes better than a low miles car that was driven in the city, let me explain; if you drive 100 miles on a highway your engine will work for maximum of one and half hours per this 100 miles, but if you drive 100 miles in the city your engine will work for at least 10 hours to count the 100 miles which will cause more wear on the engine and often the roads in the city are very rough which also will cause wear on other components of the car.

Now we get to the Test Drive, when you get in the test drive don’t turn on the radio as it is not as important, drive the car in average speed and don’t speed up, make sure you go slightly on a rough road and listen to any unusual noise from the car, if you got a mechanic to check the car then let him decide the mechanical condition, but as for you; you will need to make sure that you are comfortable in driving the car, make sure it is feeling good and looking good, you will have to live with this car for few years and you need to make sure you absolutely love the car.


GOOD DEAL because i got a $1000 discount. no; not always a good deal because it was cheap, so what is a good deal? A good deal is that you paid as close to the trade in market value as possible, always look for the book value of the car and never pay full retail, Use NADA guide to find out the clean trade value of the car then try to buy the car as close to this number as possible and as far from the retail value as possible, find the half way between the clean trade value and the retail value and you got yourself a fair deal.



Why NADAGuide.com? because NADA is more of an official book than any other book, the DMV use it to calculate taxes, most insurance companies use it to find value for total loss and most finance companies use NADA to find lending value when financing a car.

The bottom line, do your home work, don’t buy it if you don’t like it, don’t buy just because it is cheap and don’t buy it if you can’t inspect it the right way. Always remember; It is a used car and will never be perfect, also remember you are going to own it so if it is a problem it will be your problem so make sure yo Buy It Right, even if you have to spend couple more hundred on inspection and research, good luck.