How to determine the value of a rebuilt title car?

There are no valid valuation method or a value book that would evaluate a rebuilt title cars.

But First; What is a rebuilt Title Vehicle? When someone get into an accident and insurance company decides to declare the car a total loss, after paying the insurance claim to the owner the insurance company collects the car  then the sell it in an auction as a salvage vehicle,  then whoever buys this car and fix they have to get a rebuilt title to be able to put it back for sale.

we call it branded title or rebuilt title, a rebuilt title car doesn’t always mean that it is a bad car, if the car was repaired correctly this car maybe a very good buy for you if you’re trying to find a cheap car.

If you find a rebuilt title vehicle and you confirm that it is in good condition and that the repairs were done properly,  you may consider buying it, but the question is; how would you determine that you are paying the the right value?

When it gets to the vale, the rule of thump is 50% to 60% of the value for the same car if it was a clean title car, as an example if this car have a clean title and the value is $10,000 so I would pay $5000 to $6000 for the car if it was a rebuilt title.

Just remember; Rebuilt title cars are not a bad idea if you are buying cash, as that most banks don’t finance prior salvage vehicles,  also you need to make sure that you are inspecting the car with the help of a professional to make sure that the vehicle was properly repaired also you need to make sure not to overpay for the vehicle as it is hard to find a valued reference to value rebuilt title cars