I Need to Sell My Used Car, How Much Should I Ask?

To price your used car for sale you need to ask yourself few question, do I need the most money regardless of how long it will take me to sell it? or do I need to sell it fast and as soon as possible?

if you want to sell the car fast you need to price it right, but how would you know that the Price Is Right for your area? it’s easy; put yourself in the buyer shoes, look for similar cars for sale online, search every single website that lists cars for sale, find the cars that would be matching your car then go below the lowest price slightly,¬† if someone out there is looking for a car they will find yours the best deal, always leave some room for negotiation because everybody tend to negotiate.

CarGurus, Craigslist, eBay, OfferUp, LetGo to name few are good resources, try to find the most comparable car to yours to give you a reference on how should you ask for your car, also you can list your car for sale on the same websites.

Always leave room for negotiation, you can also check Kelley Blue Book to make sure that your price is close to the private party value as much as possible, again this is going to help you land the buyer quicker.

but if you don’t care about how long it will take to sell your car, just name your price and reduce it slightly every week until you reach the price that may interest someone.

Keep in mind the longer your car is in the market for sale the less interested buyers will get.

Also the best chance you will get a buyers for your car is in the first couple weeks when you just freshly listed it, so if the price is right from the get-go you may find a buyer that jump on it and you will sell your car faster than you think, that is why it is important to price it right when you first list it.

If you ask for a fair value for your car both you and the buyer will be happy, so make sure you price your car right if you want to sell it right