Negotiating a Deal When Buying a Car, Are You a Pro?

Buying a car especially a used one is always a risky deal that must be taken when you need a car, getting a good deal is the only way to reduce the risk as much as you can, so the better the deal the less is the risk, but some people take the wrong approach when negotiating a deal and may behave in a way that is easy identified by any experienced dealer or sales manager that the person is not experienced in negotiation.

Keep in mind that when you are shopping for a car you may visit few dealers even if you bought few cars in your life time that means you propeply negotiated a car deal 20 or 30 times in your lifetime however; it is important to understand that the sales manager may negotiate with 30 customers in a single week so no matter how good you think your techniques are, you need to believe that experience matters and that you are negotiating with an experienced opponent and you need to have the right approach and say the right things to run the negotiations in your favor.

one of the mistakes that car buyers fall into is to rush to talk about the price and ask for a good deal even before inspecting the car they are buying and even before taking a purchase decision at all, this behavior reveals to the experienced sales manager that the buyer is not experienced in negotiation andĀ  just focused on the price, if the sales manager convinces you that he has discounted the price he will give you a false impression of a good deal but you may be missing out on actually a better deal buy not doing what you suppose to do to get the deal you deserve.

So; what should you do to properly negotiate and get the best deal? First; before you bring the money subject you need to make sure that you actually found the car that is really worth the time of the negotiation, first when you walk into the dealer you need to put all your wight on inspecting the car and to find all the pros and cons of the car, remember it is a used car and it will never be perfect, in the matter of fact if it was perfect then it is already a good deal regardless of the money, because it is really very hard to find a perfect used car.

Second; don’t talk much, sales people tend to pull conversations to get in your head and find personality points to get thru to you to be able to convince you with whatever they want, just keep it professional and focus on the task at hand which is inspecting the car.

Third; when you are ready to talk money, first you need to show the money, not literally but what I mean is that you need to show the dealer that you are ready to buy NOW if the price is right then wait until the dealer make his offer first, make sure the dealer reveal the total price includes all the fees and taxes if any, just listen and think about the price first and slow down the process, spend as much time in the dealer as possible before you counter the dealer’s offer, when you do that you are actually pressuring the dealer to be eager to hear your offer.

lastly, when you are countering the dealer’s offer you need to reason your counter offer meaning you need to give reasons why you are giving that number, list all the issues you have found in the car, focus on mechanical and the items that may affect the safety and drive-ability such as tires, breaks, A/C, motor mounts, suspensions, ETC.., pointing at a scratch on the door is not very effective in negotiating a used car.

Your counter offer need to have a room for another counter from the dealer because the dealer will counter back and may never take your first offer, also if you need to push harder you may let the dealer think that he is loosing the sale, also you must never show any signs of excitements or attachment to the car you are buying in front of the sales staff or the sales manager.

Just hold your grounds, Inspect the car, show the money “not literally”, negotiate with reasoning and close strong by making the seller believe they are loosing the sale if didn’t accept your offer and good luck, now you are negotiating a car deal like a pro.