Should I Buy a Used Hybrid Car? 7 Facts About Hybrid Cars Will Answer Your Question.

Hybrid Cars are growing popular especially with the rise of the fuel cost and cost of living, the average gas consumption on a hybrid vehicle is significantly less that a regular gas vehicle for the fact that almost 30% of the driving uses the hybrid battery especially when driving on city roads knowing that in a regular gas powered vehicle when driving in the city the gas consumption is a lot more than driving a highway on high speed.

So, It sounds good to buy a used Hybrid car; Right? Here are some facts about Hybrid cars that should conclude the answer to this question, keep in mind that I will not offer you an answer, i will just give you some facts and i will let you decide for your self, here we go:

Fact One: The life of a hybrid battery is 8 to 10 and it will need to be replaced or the car won’t start and won’t function or drive, this may mean that if you are going to buy a 6 years old hybrid car it may only last you 2 to 4 years and then you will need to replace the battery.

Fact Two: The average cost of a Hybrid battery is $2500 to $4500 for the battery, keep in mind that other component may need to be replaced to
insure that the new battery will function properly, that means that when you go to the dealer to replace the hybrid battery you may find the bill to add up to few more thousands over the cost of the battery, in some cases replacing the hybrid battery may cost as much as the value of the car itself if not more.

Fact Three: Hybrid cars are mostly more expensive to insure than a regular car, insurance companies know that the cost of repair for the drivetrain of a hybrid car may cost more than a regular gas powered car, if the car is in an accident and the drivetrian was affected the car will cost more to repair therefor the insurance may cost more.

Fact Four: A BRAND NEW Hybrid cars can be as much as 20% more expensive than its counterpart regular gas engine. However when it is used it may cost a lot less which may sounds good but if you think about it, it costs less for a reason.

Fact Five: Routine maintenance costs on a hybrid may be lower than on a regular car. The gas engine shuts down when the car is idling and at other times, such as driving at low speeds when the electric motor takes over, therefore wear and tear on the engine is less than a regular car.

Fact Six: Most used car dealer are afraid to buy used hybrid cars for the fact that it is not always possible to inspect or estimate the condition of the hybrid battery, it happens many times that the dealer will buy a hybrid car from the auction with no return option only to realize that the battery is not functioning correctly.Free Price Quotes on a New Hybrid at

Fact Seven: Most of Sub-Prime Finance companies don’t prefer to finance a used hybrid for the same fact that the battery may go bad during the financing term which may result in a negative reposition of the financed car.

The conclusion is yours to decide, but my advise is, we agree that hybrid cars are one of the most fuel economic vehicles today, if you wanted to buy a used Hybrid car to save on the cost of fuel it is OK but assume that the battery will only last 8 years from the date of manufacturing, and calculate the life left on it then decide if it make sense to buy such a car used or is it make more sense to buy it brand new.