Used BMW 3 Series Most Common Issues

A used BMW are very classy car to own, but when buying a used BMW you need to do your home work and take some points in consideration,  matter of a fact it; BMW cars are not an average car to own, from the cost of maintenance to the cost of repairs, you need to make sure that you can afford to keep up with the requirements of  maintaining this vehicle.

BMW 3 Series is the most economical and less costly of all BMW’s out there, being very common makes it easier to own, however from experience; they are still have common issue that our mechanic works on almost with every used BMW we acquire for resale.

In the Reconditioning process and before we put out any BMW for sale we usually check for the common issues. As an example, almost every 2008 BMW 328I we had to replace the rear window regulators, it is almost always needed replacement, the cost of the window regulator is a bout $100 and the installation is easy it is propeply one hour labor.

Also; in most 3 Series  BMW we had to replace the cover gasket due to a very common oil leaks especially the 2006 BMW 335I.

Footwell Module is also common the go bad on most BMW cars, Footwell module is the computer that control the power windows, power door locks, lights, power mirrors and power sunroof, when the battery dies on a BMW or gets improperly disconnected, the software of the module gets crippled and requires repairs or replacement, so if you are inspecting a used BMW and you find more than one window not working as if it didn’t have any power it is propeply the Footwell module is causing the problem.

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One thing to consider when buying a BMW that when it gets to diagnosing a BMW, it is not an average car to scan and diagnose, it requires special scanner to get in the advanced computer and be able to diagnose sensors and the various advanced modules in it, which means that it is mostly requires a BMW specialist with the proper equipment to be able to effectivly diagnose and repair this kind of high tech cars.

But if you want to own a used BMW, do not let this information discourage you, they are still very good cars to own, but it is just not the average car you will own and you will need to be prepared for the expense of owning one of this beautiful driving machines.